Content marketing to increase sales in the publishing industry, by Christine Dore Trant

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You exceeded all of my expectations. I felt so much relief reading it because I know how much this will help me with my messaging!
— Paige Hulse Law


What content marketing can do for your publishing house:

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reader relationships

Keep your readers coming back to your list

We build story-for-the-ages relationships between you and your readers, to keep them coming back to your list book after book, author after author.

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more book sales

Put your team in control of what you publish

Keep-’em-coming-back digital content means more book sales. And more book sales puts your team in control of what you publish (and not just chasing authors with the biggest platforms).

Asterism and Co.

Our Mission:

We’re here to change the status quo of the publishing industry.


Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in impersonal suggestions. We do believe in hands-on solutions tailored to your unique list.

From traveling to your office to work with you in person to matching you with the best writers for your audience, we ensure every aspect of your content marketing strategy is bespoke.